What kind of tweezers do you use for experiments?

What kind of tweezers do you use for experiments?
There are many types of dumplings, such as: 1. Stainless steel tweezers made of steel containing more than 13% chromium;

2. Anti-static plastic tweezers are made of special conductive plastic materials, which have good elasticity, light weight and static discharge characteristics;

3, bamboo razor son, the use of high-quality bamboo or bamboo as raw material production, the biggest feature is not as stainless steel tweezers scratch the product, but also than plastic or fiber tweezers resistant to organic solvents;

4. The medical forceps are made in accordance with the medical methods and used in different shapes, materials or posts or plastics;

5, purification of dumplings, refers to the anti-static properties of the dumplings, materials or bamboo or plastic;

6. Wafer die, specially designed with a very precise silicon wafer, very good solidity effect, with anti-pressure, put the fragmentation protection effect; 7, anti-static can change the head;

8, stainless steel anti-static tweezers;

The precision FEITA tweezers have outstanding tribological properties, excellent resistance to sliding wear and fretting wear, and in particular can maintain high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction at 250°C. Therefore, when wafers and wafers are chucked, It will not scratch the surface of the wafer or the silicon wafer, and will not produce residues on the wafer due to friction, thereby improving the surface cleanliness of the wafer and the silicon wafer.


Post time: Apr-04-2018
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