How to make theHex Key life longer?


The Hex Key  has a compact structure, small size, light weight, large output torque, and is a powerful tool for nut removal and bolt pre-tightening. Torque control is within 3% of this range, and it can meet the requirements of high precision torque values ​​for connection preload.

The torque of a special tool is the product of force and distance. When tightening screw fasteners such as bolts and nuts, it is necessary to control the magnitude of the applied torque so as to ensure that the threads are tight and do not damage the threads due to excessive moments. To extend the service life of the Allen wrench, introduce some maintenance knowledge:
1, after use, clean the surface of dirt and deposits, place a dry and safe place to save.
2, knocking tools, products can not be a continuous blow, more than 10 times should have appropriate intervals, while the timely removal of debris sticky parts of the product and then continue to use.
3, Hex Key products can not be overpowered, but can not use the casing or tied to other metal bar material extension arm, and the use of hammer hit the method of knob fasteners used.
4. Blade tools should be placed in the sink and gently rubbed against the grinding wheel. The force cannot be used excessively and the grinding wheel is too long.
5. In the actual operation of hammering tools, it is necessary to remove the oxides on the surface of the debris and the working surface to prevent third parties from hitting.
6. Before using the Allen wrench, remove the surface oil and use it according to the instructions of the steel tool.

Post time: May-04-2018
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