What is the Tweezers ?


Chinese name 镊子 Foreign name Tweezers Pinyin: niè zī



Scorpions (niè zī) are used for taking bulk drugs or metal particles. Do not heat it, do not clip acidic chemicals, and must keep it clean after use.

A device used to pinch hairs, pins, and other small things. Tweezers are often used tools in mobile phone repairs, and often use it to hold wires, components, and integrated circuit pins. Different situations require different dice. Generally, straight, flat, and elbow are all prepared.

On March 4, 2014, scientists from Spain and Australia developed the world’s smallest scorpion that can pick up individual viruses or molecules.


1, stainless steel tweezers 2, anti-static plastic tweezers 3, bamboo tweezers 4, medical tweezers 5, clean tweezers 6, wafer tweezers 7, antistatic can change head tweezers 8, stainless steel antistatic tweezers 9. Ceramic tweezers

Anti-static plastic tweezers

It is made of a mixture of carbon fiber and special plastics. It has good elasticity, durability, no ash, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and can avoid the traditional anti-static tweezers contaminated with carbon black. It is suitable for the production of precision electronic components such as semiconductors and ICs. Use, and its special use.

Anti-static, cleanse the tweezers

The anti-static tweezers are made of special conductive plastic materials. They have good elasticity, light weight and static discharge characteristics. They are suitable for the processing and installation of electrostatic sensitive components. Surface resistance: 1000KΩ – 100000MΩ.

Anti-static tweezers are suitable for the production of precision electronic components, semiconductors and computer heads.

Bamboo dumplings

Bamboo is an anisotropic material made of bamboo. It has the advantages of insulation, good elasticity, and low cost. But the fatal defect is that it is subject to greater force, or if it is used for a long time, it will split along the fiber direction!

Bamboo dumplings are made from high quality bamboo or bamboo as the raw material. The biggest feature is that they do not scratch the product like stainless steel tweezers, and they are more resistant to organic solvents than plastic or fiber tweezers. Cheap and good, is the chip, quartz, chip and other electronics manufacturing industry’s preferred product. In addition, bamboo shoots also have anti-static effect, because bamboo is not easy to static electricity objects, so non-magnetic, excellent insulation, will not damage the folder caught. After testing, the anti-static ability of bamboo razor has 10 to the 9th power.

Medical tweezers

Medical tweezers belong to surgical medical machines, especially tweezers. A medical tweezers, including a tweezers head, a tweezers tweezers, and a handle, are characterized in that the tweezers rods are straight rods having the same thickness. Since the novel medical scorpion tweezer rod provided by the utility model is a straight rod with the same thickness, it can be easily penetrated into the treatment site to capture articles or tissues when the external opening of the organ or the wound is small, and the elbow with an elbow can be convenient. Grab the surrounding tissue on the side. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use, can increase the use range of the rake, and can conveniently take the advantages of articles or tissues in narrow and long positions.

Cleanse the dumplings


1, anti-static tweezers is made of special conductive plastic material, with good elasticity, the use of lightweight and discharge static electricity characteristics, suitable for processing and installation of electrostatic sensitive components.

2, anti-static tweezers for precision electronic components production, semiconductor and computer head and other industries.

3, anti-static bamboo razor is the use of high-quality bamboo or bamboo as raw material production, the biggest feature is not to scratch the product as stainless steel tweezers, than plastic or fiber tweezers resistant to organic solvents. Cheap and good, is the chip, quartz, chip and other electronics manufacturing industry’s preferred product.

4. Bamboo sticks also have anti-static effect because bamboo is an object that is not easily electrostatically charged. Therefore, it is non-magnetic and has good insulation properties and does not damage clipped objects. After testing, the anti-static ability of bamboo razor has 10 times the 9th European.

Wafer die

Wafer tweezers are specially designed with very precise silicon wafers. They have very good firmness and are protected against pressure and cracks. The surface of the die is very smooth, and different products are designed according to the size suitable for different occasions.

The wafer cassette has a gripper wafer that allows the wide mouth die to be safer and more reliable, so as to prevent the die from pinching the structure of the wafer surface layer during wafer clamping. The wafer cassette includes a body and a wide flat head attached to the body, the head includes a clamping surface, the retaining surface of the said head has an elastic rubber body, and the rubber body contacts the side of the clamping body to form a sucker. . In the absence of manual clamping force, it is possible to increase the control of the wafer on the wafer. The suction cup on the boring head can increase the adhesion of the wafer to the hoe, so that when the rake is more secure and reliable to hold the wafer, the damage of the surface layer of the wafer can be prevented to a greater extent.


1. Due to its unique design, the wafer cassette is secure and convenient to grip the wafers, which can avoid product contamination caused by direct contact with human hands.

2. The handle is magnetic stainless steel design.

3. The degree of symmetry and balance are all first class, with polished tails and no scratches.

4. The surface of the wafer die has a special coating and feels comfortable.

5. Used in semiconductors, microelectronics, optical fibers and micro-optical parts, wafer chucks, and more.

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