What are the materials and properties of common mattresses?

What are the common tweezers and how about materials and properties? There are 5 common tweezers.


1. Anti-static plastic tweezers are made of special conductive plastic materials. They have good elasticity, light weight and electrostatic discharge.

2. Stainless steel tweezers are made of steel containing more than 13% of chromium.

3, bamboo wolfberry fruit using quality bamboo or bamboo as raw material production, the biggest feature is not as stainless steel tweezers scratch the product, but also than plastic or fiber tweezers resistant to organic solvents.

4. The medical tweezers are made in different uses, shapes, materials, posts or plastics according to medical methods.

5, clean the tweezers refers to the anti-static properties of the tweezers, material or bamboo or plastic 6, wafer tweezers with a very precise silicon chip special design, solid effect is very good, with pressure, put the fragmentation protection effect

Post time: Apr-04-2018
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