The types of Tweezers and how they are used

The types of Tweezers  and how they are used
1 Types of Tweezers There are two types of Tweezers that are commonly used: 1. Tips made of aluminum alloy, which are not easily magnetized and can be used to hold small components that are afraid of magnetization;
2. The flat-faced tweezers made of stainless steel have a relatively high hardness, and can be used not only to hold component pins, but also to help process component pins and to perform simple forming work.

In the welding process, rilong tweezers are an indispensable tool for use in conjunction with welding. Especially when welding small parts, holding them by hand is hot, which is inconvenient and sometimes leads to short circuit. With tweezers, it can be used to connect the leads and send pins, which is very flexible. When using tweezers to assist in welding, it also helps the electrode to dissipate heat, thereby protecting the components.
2. Rilong The nephew chosen for his nephew requires that his flexibility be moderate. The mouth should be aligned, tight, but not soft. The more suitable specification is a medical tweezers with a diameter of 100-150 mm or a tweezers for a timepiece.
3. (Grafting eyelashes) accurately take the hair to use the hand-held strong curved tweezers, and hair lashes bar straight into a straight-sighted point, with tweezers clipped slightly longer in the middle of the extended eyelashes, obliquely upward (in its own direction) directly extract lengthened Eyelashes, do not pull hair in the opposite direction of the lengthened eyelashes, this will lead to longer eyelashes deformation or twists and turns.
4. (Grafting eyelashes) Adhesion After bending the hair, the long eyelashes should be placed on the base of the eyelashes at a distance of 1mm to ensure that the customer’s skin is not touched. Before the end of the adhesion, slide it a few times to achieve uniform adhesion. More durable.

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