Hex Key is safer

First of all, because the dimensions of the Hex Key are not uniform between countries, there are as many as dozens of Hex Key with different sizes. Using unmatched wrenches may cause damage to the tools or screws, which is undoubtedly contrary to the user’s original intention. .

Second, subject to current designs and materials, the use of wrenches several times can easily cause damage until the screws cannot be rotated properly, requiring frequent updates. Also, most of the Allen keys cannot be used in places where space is limited or where they are blocked on the vertical line of the construction plane.

However, the Hex Key  has been widely used by people. Since the Hexagon wrench has been invented for many years, it has played a significant role in the development of human economy and all walks of life. At present, there is no report of an adverse effect on the user’s health due to the use of an Allen wrench, and the Allen wrench has a tip, more or less unsafe due to its design needs, but considering the user’s scope, it can be considered The Allen wrench is safer. Although the Hexagon socket wrench has been tested for many years, it is safe and reliable, but it is not comfortable for the user. The Allen wrench has a general grip problem. It usually requires the user’s hand to maintain a tense posture, and long-term use will cause The fatigue of the hand muscles is not suitable for prolonged use. The material of the holding area needs to be improved. Hand-held plastic or metal material parts have poor hand feeling, which may cause hand-slip. It is recommended to use rubber materials.
The Hex Key as a basic tool has outstanding health and safety, but the efficiency and comfort are not optimistic, and people love and hate and need to be improved.

Post time: Apr-23-2018
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